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The Tip Top Travel Topics of 2015

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Travel and photography often go hand in hand. We get bored shooting in our own neighborhood, city or even country, and we’re more likely to shoot more photos when we head out to a new place. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence right?


By Caroline

Here are some of the top travel topics we had on dPS in the last 12 months:

  1. Video Share – Travel Photography Hacks and Gear Tips
  2. 10 Ways to Improve Your Travel Photography
  3. 7 Travel Photography Tips Your Tour Guide Won’t Tell You
  4. Travel Photography Tips – Photographing the Coast
  5. How to Tell Better Visual Stories with Travel Photography
  6. Safety Tips for Travel Photographers (Particularly Women)
  7. 8 Tips to Help You Come Home with Great Travel Photos
  8. 5 Reasons to Use Flash to Improve Your Travel Photography
  9. Simple Tips for Photographing Waterfalls
  10. 15 Tips for Protecting Your Images While Traveling
  11. The Camera Bag of a Professional Traveler
  12. Simple Tips to Improve Your Travel PortraitsHow to Become a Professional Travel Photographer – Two Paths
  13. Travel Photographers Workflow – At Home and on the Road

Of course, remember that if travel isn’t in your plans or isn’t feasible for you right now – you can still apply many of the tips in the articles to photography you can do near home too! Check out these articles too:



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Happy New Year 2016 from dPS

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Randy Tan Travelogue

By Randy Tan Travelogue

Well it’s been a fantastic year here at dPS, we hope you’ve had a good one too.

The New Year is upon us and it’s a time to reflect on the past 12 months, and look forward to the next 12.

So I’m curious, do you make goals for the new year? I’m not into making resolutions myself, I think they’re often too shallow, and most people make rash ones, that they don’t keep more than a few days. The reason is they don’t have a plan to go with them.

Goal + A plan of Action = Success

So tell me, in the comments below:

  • What are your photography goals for 2016?
  • What will you do (action plan) to move yourself closer to achieving them?

My own personal goals this year are around balance and fitness/health. So I’ve already joined a gym and have started going three times a week or more. For my photography goals, my big one is (I’m putting this out there so I actually do it and you guys can hold me to it):

  • GOAL: Make a book of my Grandmother’s images (have had the photos for two years) to give to her and my family members (she’s 96 and want to do this while she’s still here and has eyesight, which is failing her).
  • ACTION PLAN: Take 30 minutes each week to work on this project (cull images, edit them in Lightroom, and design and order the Blurb book).

Okay, it’s your turn. What is your one big goal and your action plan?

William Cho

By William Cho

PS – a future goal is to spend New Year’s in Singapore (I’ve been there over Christmas but didn’t quite make it to the 31st). Sure looks like they have an amazing fireworks display based on the two images above!

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Post-Processing Tips of the Year 2015 on dPS

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Shaheer Shahid

By Shaheer Shahid

Continuing on this holiday week with a list of some of our most popular articles here on dPS, this time on post-processing.

Whether you use Lightroom, Photoshop, or something else entirely you can find some hidden gems in this bunch. Get your editor ready to try these tips on post-processing out:

Lightroom tips

You can find many more articles on Lightroom here if you haven’t had enough, or if you want to pick up some Lightroom presets dPS offers a set of those as well.

Photoshop tips

Find even more Photoshop tips here.

Dave Wilson Cumbria

By Dave Wilson Cumbria

Other programs and random tips

  1. Macphun Noiseless Pro Software Review
  2. Post-processing RAW Files – ACR Compared to Some Free Software Options
  3. 3 Tips for Getting Great Skin Tones Using Adobe Camera Raw
  4. How to Give Your Macro Photography a Fine Art Touch in Post-Processing
  5. 3 Simple Tips for Subtle Landscape Photography Post-Processing
  6. Post-Processing Tips for Overcoming Beginners Acts of Omission

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photography deals

Over the past two weeks we’ve put together some great photography deals to help you improve your photography in the new year but as 2015 comes to a close so will the deals.

As this post goes live you have approximately 48 hours to take advantage of this promotion.

Each year at this time we announce the most popular deals so I thought I’d list them here in order of popularity.

Congratulations to Sebastian Michaels for topping the list again – this year with his new Black and White Photo Artistry course.

  1. Black and White Photo Artistry
  2. Cole’s Classroom Lightroom Course
  3. Landscape Photography Bundle
  4. Mike Newtons 104 Lightroom Presets Pack
  5. Phil Steele’s Event Photography Course
  6. Photography Concentrate Composition Skills and Light Skills Guides (or get the bundle)
  7. Photo Nuts Photography Courses
  8. Natural Light Photography eBooks
  9. Portraits eBook Bundle
  10. 101 dPS Lightroom Presets
  11. $10 eBooks Day (plus Ed Verosky eBook Bundle)
  12. Snapn Motion eBook (and Snapn Motion eBook Bundle)

Which deals did you snap up this year?

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Beginners Photography Tips – Best of 2015

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Every year it happens, maybe this year it happened to you too? Many people get a new camera as a gift over the holidays, and now the fun begins, learning how to use it! You need a beginners guide to help you out.

Beginners Guide to Photography - Best of 2015

Or maybe you got a new flash or other piece of gear, are new to post-processing, or want to try a new technique. Well, you’re in luck because you’re in the right place to find all that. We have a lot of really great articles for newbie photographers like yourself. Here are a few of the best from 2015.

Beginners photography tips – best of 2015

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, try the search function (look for the magnifying glass upper right corner). We have over 5700 articles in our archives. If what you seek isn’t there, first of all I’d be really surprised, please add a comment below and tell us what topic you’d like our writers to work on next. Perhaps we can add it to our list.

You can also check out our course: Photo Nuts and Bolts which is designed for beginners.

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12 of the Best Portrait Articles of 2015

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Photographing people, in particular doing portraits, can strike fear into the hearts of many newbie photographers. But it doesn’t have to be so scary. Read through some of the best, most read articles on portrait photography from the last 12 months. They’ll give you some tips and hopefully some confidence to go photograph some of your own portraits.


Best Portrait Articles of 2015

Don’t forget we also have several portrait ebooks in our store. Check out the entire collection here, just click “Grab the Bundle” to get all of the portrait series ebooks.


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Landscape photography is a passion many photographers share. You don’t need a lot of special gear like lighting equipment, and you can do it anywhere.



The challenge is to make your photos a cut above the rest, so they stand out in a crowd. So, how do you do that? Well for starters you can read through the following articles and get some tips. Then plan a day and go out and shoot some landscapes.

In no particular order here are the most popular articles related to landscape photography on dPS in the last year, 2015:

  1. 7 Landscape Photography Mistakes That Could be Ruining Your Photos
  2. A Super Simple Way to Make Landscape Photos POP Using Lightroom
  3. 5 Quick Reasons to Use the Nifty Fifty for Landscape Photography
  4. 5 Ways to Create Dramatic Landscape Photos at Midday
  5. Why I Switched From LEE Filters to Formatt-Hitech for Landscape Photography
  6. 10 Essential Pieces of Gear you Need for Landscape Photography
  7. How to Process a Landscape Photo in 5 Minutes Using Photoshop
  8. How to Solve 5 Composition Conundrums Faced by Landscape Photographers
  9. 8 Common Landscape Photography Mistakes
  10. One Compositional Technique to Transform Your Landscape Photos
  11. Tips for Creating Landscape Photos during the Golden Hour
  12. 3 Simple Tips for Subtle Landscape Photography Post-Processing
  13. 8 Tips for Fall Landscape Photography
  14. 5 Tips to Take Your Landscape Photography from Good to Great

You can also check out the dPS ebook: Living Landscapes


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Over the last 12 days we’ve presented you with some amazing daily deals on photography training resources in our 6th annual 12 days of Christmas.

photography deals

The savings this year were our biggest yet and we had a lot of really positive feedback from readers who picked up some fantastic deals.

As in previous years we did get a few sad messages from readers who missed deals along the way asking if there was any way to get them.

As a result – today we’re opening all 12 deals back up again for one last chance.

So if there’s a deal you regret missing or you might have missed one of our emails – you’re in luck. Here they are!

All these will be available until midnight US Eastern time on 31st of December, after that they will be gone for ever (just like 2015) – so get to it and grab yours today!

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Happy Holidays 2015 from dPS

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dps happy holidays 2015

It’s Christmas day in part of the world, where most of the dPS team is based. So Merry Christmas if you celebrate that – and Happy Holidays if you celebrate with another tradition.

Thank you for being a reader and fan of dPS, we appreciate you being here, and we wish you all the best, and the happiest times with your family this season.



Christmas dinner by Michal Marek on

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CVnMZHSrqAfZHd4w1Q6yEDCwWW1K9VKWcEPX91Nk2NkIt’s the final day of our 12 deals of Christmas and we’ve saved one of our best deals until last.

Last year Sebastian Michaels smashed every dPS record with his Fine Art Grunge Composition course. This year he’s back, with this brand new Black & White Photo Artistry course!

… and you can save 60% on the regular price right now.

This course brings together all Sebastian’s best photo artistry approaches and techniques and expands on them within the specific realm of creative black and white.

You’ll discover the pro secrets for producing stunning works of photo art. Awesome, intricate black and white compositions fit for print and canvas. All while honing your photography skills!

Ready to create the most artistic photo works of your life? Grab this deal with a 60% saving today only!

We think it’s a brilliant final deal in the 12 dPS days of Christmas and well know you’ll cherish everything it will teach you.

Grab this deal before it is gone here.

PS: Sebastian has put together 3 amazing bonuses for dPS readers – scroll down his information page to see them – they make this an even better deal!

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shadow and contrast

You can use shadow and contrast to create dramatic images. The key is to forget about shadow detail. You don’t need it. Shadows are meant to be dark and mysterious. This is good – it leaves something to the viewer’s imagination.

Utilize the dynamic range of your sensor. Expose for the highlights, and let the shadows fall where they will. If the light is strong enough, the shadows will contain very little detail.

Harsh light can make dramatic images

I took the following photo in Bolivia. The sun was sinking behind me, casting a strong shadow that had started to touch the underneath of the old car. The shadow fills the bottom third of the image. We don’t need detail in the shadow, although a little doesn’t hurt. Shoot in Raw format, and in most cases you’ll be able to pull some shadow detail out in post-processing, giving you a choice.

shadow and contrast

When I see a dramatic image like this, with strong shadows, my immediate instinct is to convert it to black and white. High contrast scenes look great in monochrome. There’s something about removing colour that emphasizes the depth of the shadows, and the drama of the composition. You can add impact by increasing contrast in Lightroom and emphasizing texture using the Clarity slider. Here’s my black and white conversion of the photo above.

shadow and contrast

Look for naturally contrasty scenes

I took the next photo indoors, in an old manor house that had been converted to a museum. The apples were lit by light coming through a window. The windows were small, so the interior of the room was naturally dark, which is why there is so little detail in the background. It’s a high contrast scene – the area lit by window light ,is much brighter than the rest of the scene.

shadow and contrast

Here’s the same image converted to black and white. Without colour, the emphasis is on the textures and shadows.

shadow and contrast


The following photo of an approaching storm uses also uses shadow and contrast. The mountains are backlit and silhouetted. The approaching storm clouds are dark and ominous. A brightly lit strip of sky fills the gap between the two dark areas. A silhouetted telegraph pole forms a natural focal point. The drama of the light has created a dramatic image.

shadow and contrast

The image is naturally monochromatic, and converts well to black and white.

shadow and contrast

There are lots of shadows in this seascape. But the ones that caught my eye were the silhouetted figures on the right. After I had set up the shot, two children walked across the beach, and climbed up on the rock. I used a long shutter speed (30 seconds) to blur the water, which also blurred the silhouetted children. I was fortunate because the figures add human interest and scale to the scene. They are a natural focal point that pulls the eye across the photo.

shadow and contrast

shadow and contrast

It also converted well to black and white.

The final image is also one that uses shadow to create mystery and drama. I focused on the grass on the foreground, set a wide aperture, and let the sun go out of focus. I adjusted the white balance in Lightroom to emphasize the warmth of the setting sun. This image is different from the others in that the colour is an important part of the composition and it doesn’t work as well in black and white.

shadow and contrast


One of my aims with this article is to dispel the idea that it is essential to capture lots of shadow detail, and that if you fail to do so, it is some kind of technical shortcoming. Not so – let’s celebrate the fact that camera sensors don’t capture the full range of brightness that our eyes are capable of seeing. Let’s use the interplay of light and shadow to create interesting and dynamic compositions. Let’s create some mystery and leave gaps for the viewer’s imagination to fill in.

Do you use shadows in your images? Please share your images with lots of shadow and contrast in the comments below.

Mastering Composition ebookMastering Composition

My new ebook Mastering Composition will help you learn to see and compose photos better. It takes you on a journey beyond the rule of thirds, exploring the principles of composition you need to understand in order to make beautiful images.


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All dPS eBooks – $10 Today Only

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It’s day 11 in our 12 deals of Christmas and today is huge – you can get any of our eBooks not already featured in our previous days for $10 USD (that’s between 50-80% off).

We’ve also got a bonus deal today from our friend Ed Verosky who is offering 6 of his eBooks for $25!

There’s lots to choose from so you’re best to head to our 12 Deals of Christmas page here to make your selection.

$10 dPS eBooks

10 ebooksThe $10 eBooks on offer are:

  • Going Pro Kit: our guide to making money from your photography (80% off)
  • The Essential Guide to Black and White Photography
  • Transcending Travel: A Guide to Captivating Travel Photography
  • Click! Kids Photography: How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids
  • Photo Nuts and Bolts: Know Your Camera and Take Better Photos
  • Photo Nuts and Shots: Tools and Techniques for Creative Photography
  • Photo Nuts and Post: Transform your Photos with the Power of Post Processing
  • Photo Nuts and Gear: Don’t spend a dime on gear until you read this eBook
  • Photo Magic: Special Effects Photography Made Easy
  • Captivating Color: Discover how to use Color effectively in your Photography
  • The Art of Self Portraiture: Explore your Creative Spirit
  • Printable Posing Guides: Printable Posing Sets

Buy one or create your own little bundle of learning for 2016 at our 12 Deals of Christmas page.

2 Great Bundles – $25 Each (Save 77%)

Today we’ve got a couple of great bundles for you too.

Ed Verosky eBook Bundle!

NewImageEd Verosky has put together a very special bundle deal for you – it includes his 6 best selling eBooks for just $25:

  • 15 Photo Projects That Will Boost Your Creativity – If you’re in a creative rut or just need some inspiration you’ll love this eBook!
  • Introduction to Close-up & Macro Photography – This guide gives you everything you need to get started with close-up & macro photography!
  • Boudoir Photography – the quick-start guide for professional photographers.
  • Advice for the Aspiring Portrait Photographer – This concise guide will help you build your portfolio, find great models and portrait subjects, and really delivers on helping you become a true portrait ‘artist.’
  • Successful Photo Shoots – Go behind-the-scenes with Ed Verosky as he talks you through every challenge, every thought, through hundreds of images, down to the final edits.
  • DSLR: The Basics – fundamental concepts of photography & using a DSLR to it’s full potential.

‘Photo Nuts’ eBook Pack

NewImageThe complete collection of Photo Nuts eBooks from Neil Creek for just $25 USD:

  • Photo Nuts and Bolts – Know your camera and take better photos
  • Photo Nuts and Shots – Tools and Techniques for Creative Photography
  • Photo Nuts and Post – Transform Your Photos with the Power of Post Processing
  • Photo Nuts and Gear – Don’t spend a dime on Gear Until You Read this eBook

These bundles and all our other $10 USD eBooks are available for you to purchase for one day only at our 12 Deals of Christmas page here

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