The Winners of the Four NYIP Photography Courses Are . . .

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The Winners of the Four NYIP Photography Courses Are…

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A BIG thank you to everyone who entered our recent competition to win one of four photography courses from our friends at NYIP.

The response was amazing with over 680 entries. In fact, it was so great that the team at NYIP decided to offer a special $150 discount off any of their courses (details below). But first – here are the four winners of the competition (chosen by NYIP):

A Message from NYIP (and a $150 discount)

“Congratulations to all four winners! And thank you to all the participants for your many comments. We were so excited to see how many people were interested in our new photography courses. To those who did not win, we wanted to let you know that for a limited time we are offering you the chance to save $150 on the NYIP Course of your choice. Learn more at But don’t wait, because this offer is only available until Thursday, March 26th. – The NYIP Team”

Winners will be emailed with details of how to collect their prize by the team at NYIP.

Thanks to everyone for entering and to NYIP for yet again, sponsoring another wonderful competition.

The winning comments:

By Angela PritchardFourteen years ago, when my husband and I tied the knot, we could not afford to hire a wedding photographer. Instead, we bought a few of those one-time use cameras and had family members take photos. Needless to say, we didn’t get any really good, memorable photos. Over the years I have gone through countless wedding photos posted on the internet and so many of them are images that I would have loved to have had to remember my wedding by. In the last few years I have actually photographed several weddings for friends and family. I make sure to photograph every single detail that I would have wanted captured for my big day. From the rings to the Borrowed, Blue, Old, and New, the dresses and the tuxes, the cake and the flowers, everything gets photographed. Photographing weddings can be very stressful but it’s that stress combined with all the photos I didn’t get for my wedding that pushes me to get the very best for the couple I’m shooting for. I would love to take the Wedding Photography course to help mold me into a better wedding photographer; to improve on the things I’m doing right and correct the things I may be doing wrong. I believe this course would help me immensely. I have my fingers crossed and I will be waiting right here in front of my computer for you to contact me to tell me that I have won. Thank you so much for considering me. And if by some strange reason I don’t win, I will still continue to make beautiful photos of the world around me.

By Jenn S.I would love to win the Portrait Photography Course. Last year while I was pregnant with our second son, we learned that my husband had cancer. He got through treatments (and is now cancer-free!), but the cost of those treatments took a toll on our finances, and we were left with little money for me to start the photography business I had been planning on to help support our family. Through hard work, I was able to purchase some basic equipment, but because we could not afford it, everything I have learned about using my DSLR, equipment, and running a successful business has been self-taught, and I am sure that there are many gaps in my knowledge base. I would love to take the Portrait Photography Course to enhance my understanding of posing, learn how to better run my business, and so much more. I think I would really benefit from an environment where I am able to get the (professional) feedback on my work that I desperately need, and having a mentor to guide me sounds just heavenly! I also think I’d also greatly benefit from the student forum and the knowledge base my peers could provide there! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

By Deonne Kahler I’d very much like to win the Travel Photography Course. I’ve been making photographs since high school, but only recently started taking it seriously, and just placed in my first competition. I’m on a mission to see every U.S. National Park, and until now I’ve been documenting those visits the best I can. I feel so strongly that it’s my job to let people know about the wonders of the parks – which include historical monuments, an easy and accessible way for all of us to learn more about this country and its past. I’m based in Taos, NM but I travel around the country with my dog Sam in my 13′ Scamp travel trailer. I’ve been winging it with my photographs up until now, but the NYIP course would push me to the next level, as I still have plenty to learn about using my Nikon D90, being more nimble with it in the field, documenting the National Park sites in a unique way (honing my voice), and translating that to books/online media where I share photos and stories about the Parks. They’re such a treasure, and with the NYIP course, i’d be much better equipped to tell their stories and get more folks involved either by simply visiting, or supporting the National Parks foundation to keep them safe from development. Thank you for the opportunity! (P.S. This is a terrific site – so much good information. Thanks for that, too.)

By VickiI am a Social worker in the military and Photojournalism is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m a beginner and have been doing a lot of learning on my own, but would love to have the opportunity to learn from professionals. I’m drawn to photojournalism because of my love for people and our stories and would love to improve my ability to capture these stories in my pictures. I’ve only been deployed once but hopefully will have the opportunity to travel more with my Army career and use photojournalism skills to capture my travels.

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