Weekly Photography Challenge – New

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Earlier I shared some images of different ways you might have rung in the New Year. As is it now 2015 and we’re embarking on a new year, we will stay with that theme for this week’s photography challenge.

Weekly Photography Challenge – New

Your challenge is to convey the idea of new. That could look a number of different ways including:

  • A newborn baby
  • New objects like a shiny new car
  • A fresh new snowfall
  • New goals for 2015
  • New ideas
  • And many more others I haven’t even thought of . . .

So how will you convey an idea or concept? It might be literal or more subtle. Show me how you tell the story of NEW.

Kenneth Spencer

By Kenneth Spencer

Brent Danley

By Brent Danley

Michael  Tapp

By Michael Tapp

Trey Ratcliff

By Trey Ratcliff

Tracy Byrnes

By Tracy Byrnes

Paul L

By Paul L


By iirraa

Jacinta Lluch Valero

By jacinta lluch valero

Share your “new” images here:

Simply upload your shot into the comment field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see or if you’d prefer upload them to your favourite photo sharing site and leave the link to them. Show me your best images in this week’s challenge. Sometimes it takes a while for an image to appear so be patient and try not to post the same image twice.

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